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About Us

We are an innovative agency specializing in e‑commerce since 2009. We provide complex e‑commerce solutions in the business sphere and offer specialized services across the market.

  • E-Commerce

    Complex e-commerce solutions including marketing

  • Mailforce

    Own platform for designing, sending and evaluating email campaigns

  • Mailytics

    The ultimate overview of competitor’s email strategy

  • DODO

    A personal assistant who can obtain anything.

  • idodo.cz

    New member of our family. Modern tool of time management and personal convenience. Everyone can have his personal assistant on demand.


We work with organizations in the Czech Republic to bring them the best e-commerce or email marketing services.

  • Asko nábytek
  • Alpine Pro
  • L'Oréal
  • Bambule
  • O2
  • Teta Drogerie
  • Douglas
  • Avast
  • J&T Banka
  • Nespresso
  • Datart
  • KFC

Some cool facts

  • 49 happy clients

  • 91 189 working hours

  • 22 881 coffees drinked

  • 2 094 played hours


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